The response of Community Church

October 15th Update:

This Sunday, October 18th we will be moving into our Sanctuary!

Our church board met last night and, due to the decreasing temperatures, we will be moving indoors for the foreseeable future! 

Because of our move indoors, we are asking ALL those present to wear masks out of love for your fellow Community members. We will have socially distant seating and we ask that you maintain distance from those around you. We will have the TV’s in the foyer on so that parents and kids can be there if need be.

Common surfaces will be wiped down each week and restrooms deep cleaned. We will have hand sanitizer available as well.

As we have moved into a new phase of this pandemic, we have all learned to adapt in many ways because we have had to continue with life while remaining safe. We have all gotten used to a “new normal” as we move about in the world. There are lots of opinions about how long the virus can stay on surfaces, etc. However, in speaking with one of our doctors this week I was reminded that the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of our response, outside of good hygiene and frequent hand washing, are masks and social distancing. We trust that you will help us by complying with our guidelines!

And it should go without saying at this point, but if you are feeling sick, DO NOT show up to services! Get comfy in your PJ’s grab some coffee and watch the service on our Facebook page or here on our website!

We will still not have connection classes, nursery, or children’s church at this time. Thanks for your patience during this pandemic and SEE YOU SUNDAY!!


Worship services will be available online.

Join us live. Sundays at 10:05 a.m.

Watch on demand.

(Messages are available after 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.)

You can give online or by texting an amount to 84321!
If you are in need of help or can help during this time, please let us know!

Listen to Sunday’s sermon and Morning Meditations.

Sunday Sermons

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Join us live each Sunday.

June 2nd Update:

We’re beginning to meet in-person on Sundays OUTSIDE in the field behind the gym at 10 AM! We are thrilled to be back together. Please remember the following things to help us keep our gatherings safe for all:

1. Bring your own lawn chair or something to sit on. It is going to be sunny, so wear sunscreen or bring an umbrella if need be! There will be spaces in the shade as well. Also, we are not serving coffee or any breakfast items, so bring those if you need them as well.


2. There will be pre-marked family spaces, we ask that you sit in designated areas by families to keep social distancing. (As much as you may want to hug your friend you haven’t seen in forever, please refrain!)

3. We are asking that everyone in the congregation wear masks for the safety of others. We have masks available if you forget yours!

4. The restrooms in the gym are available but are intended for EMERGENCY use. We would prefer that you use the restroom before you arrive so that we can cut down the traffic in our restrooms.

5. If you are immunocompromised or are uncertain about attending- please stay home! We will still be live-streaming our service here at and on our “Midwest City Community Church of the Nazarene” Facebook page.

6. Finally, if you feel sick in ANY WAY, please stay home. This is a real practical way to show love to your fellow church members!

Looking forward to worshipping together (both in person and online) this week!

Pastor Nate

May 30th Update:

Pentecost Sunday

Church family,

I have some bad news. We will NOT be meeting together in person at the church this week as planned. Our SERVICE has been moved online.

Paula had a fever Wednesday night and, because she works at a clinic, they did their standard finger prick test on her. There were some lines on the test that they were concerned about, but the results were not conclusive. So Thursday they had her come back in and do the swab test, and we are still awaiting results.

Until we know the results of the test, we are self quarantining. This was our first thought and the recommendation of the doctor as well. The results should be in sometime early next week, so I would be unable to be a part of the service.

As we talked with the board, the consensus was to move the service ONLINE as a safety measure until we know more. There were also the practical concerns of asking someone to come in and preach at the last minute, and the fact that several of the staff have been in contact with Paula and me.

So, you can join us ONLINE here at or on our Facebook page.

I was SO looking forward to us all being together. Please remember Paula and our family in your prayers.


Pastor Nate

Gathering Again!

Outdoor service on Pentecost Sunday, May 31st

April 4th Update:

Palm Sunday Parade

As much as I hate it, we are cancelling the Palm Sunday Parade tomorrow. To make a long story short, the risks outweigh the rewards in this case. As much as I would love to see my church family, I also believe that the parade may cause unnecessary risk for many of our congregants. I am afraid that I let my personal restlessness cloud my decision making on this one. We will instead go live at 10 AM as usual. Please help us spread the word. We love you all, and think that following the directive to stay at home as much as possible is what is in the best interests of our community at large. Please respond to this message to let us know it has been received!

Pastor Nate

April 3rd Update:

Palm Sunday

Church family!

Just wanted to let you know that THIS SUNDAY, we will not be having church online. Instead, anyone who wants to can meet us IN YOUR CAR at the church at 11 AM, and we will be having a PALM SUNDAY parade through the neighborhoods near the church. We have cleared this with the Midwest City Mayor and our own doctors at the church.

The only way it will work is if you realize that you will NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.

You can wave to people and talk from within your car. We will have palm branches and communion elements distributed in a safe manner!

Don’t forget it’s at 11AM (not our normal time) and you can meet us at the church parking lot. We will return there and all gather in our cars for communion when we return to the church!

Feel free to make posters, signs, or decorate your car to say things like “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” “Hosanna” or “Lord Save Us” What a fun way to kick off Holy Week!!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Nate

March 25th Update:

Prayer Requests/Updates

1. Please remember Teresa Berry’s Mom in your prayers. She has been in the hospital with pneumonia and was severely dehydrated, but her condition is improving day by day. The doctors said it may be a slow recovery. Teresa is no longer allowed to be in the hospital with her due to precautions being taken for COVID-19. Pray for Teresa’s mom and for Teresa who is unable to be with her. Also, Teresa told me her neighbor’s son’s colon ruptured and had surgery. His name is George Shaw. Being praying for George as well!

2. Please pray for Ed Molen as well. Ed is on antibiotics because they think he has the beginnings of pneumonia. Please pray for Ed. He has been doing rehab on his hip, and the center he is at has restricted visitors so that Sue cannot visit him. He was scheduled to be released Saturday. Pray that he will feel better soon so that he can go home!

Some Discipleship Resources for You!
If anyone who is on facebook and would like to do a free online small group study of the fruit of the spirit, feel free to click on the link below. It will go live at 6 PM tonight and will meet every week for the next 7 weeks! This “small group” will be led by one of our former General Superintendents Dr. Jesse Middendorf.

Here is the link:

Also, if you are NOT on facebook and would like access to our services just on your computer, you can click HERE to see our services online:

Finally, if you would like to keep up with Pastor Nate’s Morning Meditations, you can do so HERE:

You have no idea how glad I am to be your pastor. I am thankful for each and every one of you!

Grace and Peace be yours in abundance in these days!

Pastor Nate

March 19th Update:

First of all, let me just thank you for being such a great church family and loving one another so well. I look forward to the day when we will all be able to gather together again as the body of Christ! I look forward to that day with great anticipation!

Services Moved Online During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Most of you know by now, but we have moved all our services online for the foreseeable future. We will listen to the voices of our authorities and our own doctors and members of the medical community when making a decision to gather once again.

This week we will be having a pretty normal service structure including music, greeting, offerings, message and even communion ALL ONLINE! We hope you will join us at 10 AM on Facebook Live. If you aren’t on Facebook Live, you can view the service later on demand here.

How To Give To Community During This Time

Speaking of offerings, I have had questions from people who do not give online about how we are going to collect offerings during this time. If you want to make sure your check makes it into the bank to help keep the finances at the church viable during this quarantine there are a couple options for you to consider.

  1. You can ALWAYS mail a check to our church if you have an envelope and stamp. I will be checking the mail each day. Since I am the only full time employee here, I am coming into the office as usual. (To get out of the house as much as possible!) If you want to mail a check, our address is 10200 SE 15th, MWC 73130.
  2. You may drop CHECKS in the mailbox at church if you happen to be out getting necessary supplies. Please do not leave cash in the mailbox.
  3. You can reply to this message and someone will meet you to pick up your offering. (We will keep proper social distance for safety.)
  4. If you are able to give online, here is the link:

A Need in Our Community

Talked to Barry Deal today. He was wondering if any of our people who sew could make washable face masks for the nurses at the hospital so that they can give their disposable ones to patients. A T-Shirt material doubled over is about the right thickness for the cloths. I you would like to help with this by making the squares, I will look into some kind of string so that they will tie. Please contact Pastor Nate at 817-437-1449 if you would like to help!

Prayer requests

Obviously, we want you to pray for our community, for our nation and for the world. Pray for health. Pray for our healthcare workers and those in the food/supply chains. Pray for those who are losing income. (If you know of need LET US KNOW PLEASE! We want to take care of one another during this time!!) Pray for those who are battling this illness as well as those who are most vulnerable. Pray for our church as we seek to live in a new reality for a while. (By the way, I honestly believe that God is going to use this for good- remember our fire??)

Finally, pray that we would walk through the open doors that God brings our way during these times. When we are reminded of our own limitations, we begin to think about the larger questions of life. Let’s love people like God has loved us and be the church to one another and to our Community!

You have no idea how glad I am to be your pastor. I am thankful for each and every one of you!
Grace and Peace be yours in abundance in these days!

Pastor Nate