Exercises for Week 13- “The D Word” Celebration

We often go to great lengths to celebrate the big events in our lives. We spend months planning weddings or a 50th birthday party, but the discipline of celebration is really more about learning how to celebrate in the day to day. Celebration calls us to acknowledge and enjoy all the good that God brings into our lives.

Celebrate God’s Activity in Your Life-

We have been in the spiritual disciplines for 12 weeks now. Look back over the weeks and celebrate what God has been teaching you through the disciplines. (If you have a journal, read through it to see how God has been working in your life.) Take some time to celebrate the ways in which God is working in your life.

Celebrating the “Small Stuff”

There is an old saying that says: “Don’t sweat the small stuff…” It usually applies to the smaller problems that we run into along our journey of life. What if we, instead, decided to celebrate the small blessings in our life? Find ways to recognize the things that we tend to take for granted. A beautiful sunrise, a game of tennis with a friend, or a great cup of coffee…

Create a Climate of Celebration in Your Family-

Find different ways to celebrate family moments. For a person’s birthday, celebrate all week instead of just one day. Find a way to celebrate accomplishments in your family. (We used to have a “You are Special” plate that we used in our family. We would let different family members use the plate to celebrate an accomplishment…)

Celebrating Together-

Have a get together with your connection class to celebrate life together. You could either just have an informal gathering with lots of room for spontaneous conversation, or you could have each class member share the things that they love to celebrate!

Celebrating with others-

Make room in your schedule to attend the “big days” in your fiends’ lives. Try to make it to a wedding that is a little bit of a drive. Throw a birthday party for a friend. Realize the importance of these days to your friends and go celebrate with them!

Celebrating God’s Presence

We are able to celebrate best when we realize that we are safely in God’s care. Trusting God allows us to be carefree in this life, and to gladly receive all that God has for us without being loaded down with excessive worry and stress. Commit yourself to God, and realize that God is with you. Then, rest in the presence of your creator and receive all of life as a GIFT!

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