Exercises for Week 12- The D Word Guidance

We do not generally talk about the discipline of guidance very often. We live in a culture that seems to believe that we should each be our own guide, often admonishing us to “follow our hearts.” The discipline of Guidance begins with humility. We have to understand that we often need other people to help us discern God’s will in our life. Here are some exercises to help us with guidance as individuals and as a church.

Participating in the Other Disciplines-

Read Acts 13:1-2. What are some of the other disciplines that are mentioned in this passage. If we believe that the disciplines serve to put us in a place where we can hear God’s word and receive grace, it would seem that practicing the other disciplines we have already mentioned will be instrumental in learning to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Intergenerational Friendship

We tend to gravitate towards people of our own age group, but, often, we can learn a great deal from those who have been on the journey of life and faith for many more years than we have been. Consider having lunch with a person who is older than you and ask them to give you advice for the stage of life you find yourself in right now. If you are older, befriend a younger person and be willing to listen to them and encourage them on the journey.

Read a Book-

Take some time to read up on the idea of having a spiritual director. Here are a couple to get you started. Henri Nouwen: The Way of the Heart and Tilden Edwards: Spiritual Friend- Reclaiming the Gift of Spiritual Direction.

Accountability Again-

Two weeks ago, we talked about finding a person to be accountable to for the discipline of confession. If you trust this person enough to confess to them, also be willing to let them give you guidance concerning the situations in your life. Give this person the permission to be truthful with you even if the truth is hard to hear.

Can You Say Connection Class… Again-

Once again, a connection class is a great place to receive guidance in a group setting. It is always good to have a sounding board for things that you have heard from God. Our friends may be able to see the situation for what it is even if we are being blinded by our own bias. Also, our friends are able to help us discern if our intuitions are biblical.

Guidance for Our Church Body-

Where is God calling us to get involved in our Community? Let’s begin to pray together that God would give us a new vision for our community. Set your clock for 9 AM, and let’s ask God to guide us as we seek ways to bring God’s Kingdom to Midwest City!

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