Exercises for Week 9- “Service” The D Word

This week, we hope to follow the example of Jesus. Remember that service that does not involve submission to Christ is not Christian service. When we serve others, we are serving Christ.

Read John 13:1-20-

Read the scripture as though you are one of the disciples. How does it feel to have Jesus washing your feet? Can you relate with Peter? Think about the example that Jesus sets of being a servant.

Service in the Small Things-

Look for opportunities to practice service. Don’t wait for some big project. Look for ways you can serve those in your family, those at your work, and people you meet in public.

The Service of Courtesy-

Sometimes we think of courtesy as simply being polite. This week, begin to think about acts of common courtesy as true Christian service. Look for ways to be courteous to those that you come in contact with.

Ask God to Show You Needs-

Look around you. Are there needs that you have the skills and abilities to meet? How can your talents be used to help someone else? Remember that service is about meeting a need for another person. The service may not bring us a bunch of emotional feelings, but true service is not about how it makes us feel.

Allowing Others to Serve Us-

Some of us find it easier to serve than to be served. True humility allows others to serve us as well. It is not that we are EXPECTING others to serve us. However, when others offer to serve us, how do we respond? Sometimes our pride won’t let us be served. Having the humility to be served is a discipline as well.

Working Service into Your Rhythm of Life-

Is there an organization or a person that you can choose to serve on a regular basis? Maybe you could choose a place to serve as a family. It is good to have regular opportunities to serve others. It helps us develop the discipline of service, and we build relationship with those we serve!

Serving in the Church-

How are you serving this local body of believers? Is there a need in the church that you see where you could be of service? If you have no idea where you could be of service, ask Pastor Nate for an opportunity! (He will probably be able to find one!)

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