Exercises for “The D Word” Week 8- Submission

This week, we will be looking at the discipline of submission in the 7 areas that Richard foster identifies in his book. I have listed the seven areas below:

Submission to the Triune God-

Spend 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning of your morning in prayer (speaking and listening) as you submit the coming day to God’s purposes.

Submission to Scripture-

Make a commitment to being present at services to hear the word of God preached. Also, reflect on your own readings in scripture. Make you goal to HEAR, RECEIVE and OBEY the Word of God.

Submission in Your Family-

Make it your goal this week to hear and respond to the interests of your family members, lay aside your own interests.

Submit to Other Members of the Body of Christ-

Think of some of the interests of others in the church. Look after others interests instead of coming to church looking to get your “needs” met. Think about volunteering in an area of ministry.

Submit to Your Neighbors-

Look for small ways to look after the interests of your neighbors above your own interests. Perform a random act of kindness for someone in your neighborhood.

Submit to the Neglected-

Find ways to identify with those who have been abandoned or are in dire situations. Look out for their interests. Maybe it is at the Shelter, or helping bring canned food for Love Link.

Submission to the Global Community-

Think about our responsibility to take care of the earth that we were given in the garden. Think about the interests of our kids and grandkids generation over our own interests. How can we be responsible to leave behind a better world than we have inherited?

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