Exercises for “The D Word” Week 6- Simplicity

We live in a culture of excess. Simplicity is a discipline that Christians practice to remind us that all we really need is Christ. Read the scripture at the top the page and then read through the following exercises and choose some that you would like to try. When thinking about your possessions, as yourself these questions: Do I consider everything I have to be a gift from God?, Do I trust God to take care of my things?, Are my possessions available to others?

Read Matthew 6:19-34

Spend some time meditating on the scriptures that deal with seeking first the kingdom of God. What would it mean for you to seek first the kingdom in your life? Write down any thoughts that you have as you meditate on these scriptures. Then try out some of the practices listed below.

Give it away now-

Find something that you treasure or value and give it to someone else. It is easy for us to give things away that are meaningless to us or that we will no longer need or use. It is another thing to give away something we value. See how it feels to allow someone else to enjoy whatever you have given away.

Start a list of thankfulness-

Try to write down 100 things that you are thankful for. Realize that each of the things you are thankful for have been given to you by God. Learn to receive all of life as a gift. In your journal, spend some time writing how this exercise has affected you.

Allow God to Help You With an Addiction-

Addiction is one of the things that keeps us from simplicity. We are controlled by the need for something. Simplicity should bring us freedom. Ask God to help you give up something that you have become dependent on other than Christ.

Try to Avoid Using Credit-

Make a list of things that you are planning on buying. Try to determine the things that are wants instead of needs. Prioritize your list and then begin to save money for the things that you need the most. Resist the urge to just put it on a credit card. Journal about the experience… Does it feel good to not have to “pay it off later?”

 Reject Buying Things That Oppress Others-

Take some time to research the businesses that you frequent. What are their business practices? Are your choices enslaving others? Refuse to support institutions that prey on the lives of others.

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