Exercises for the “D Word” Week 3- Prayer

This week, you may want to continue some of your practices of meditation and add these prayer practices to them.  It might be good to spend some time in God’s presence before you begin to pray.  The main thing is that you pray!  We are all beginners and every journey begins with one step! Allow God to teach you to pray as Jesus taught the disciples!

Monday-“Teach us to Pray”

Today, ask the Lord to teach you to pray.  Read through the model prayer that Jesus gave to the disciples that is recorded in Matthew 6:9-13.  Identify the different parts of the prayer, and think about what they mean for us.  Then re-write the Lord’s prayer in your own words.

Tuesday-“Lonely Places”

Read Luke 5:16.  Set a time today, or tomorrow morning early to get away from everyone and everything and pray.  Take along a journal and record any thoughts that you may experience during prayer.  Experiment to see what time of day is best for you to get away and pray!

Wednesday- “Learning to Pray in the Will of God”

Read John 15:7 and James 4:3.  Think about how these two scriptures relate to one another.  You might want to write the two verses down on flash cards and carry them with you this week.  Ask the Spirit to guide you through these scriptures and teach you to pray in the Father’s will.

Thursday-“Learning to respond to God’s Prompting”

Spend some time today asking the Spirit of God to direct your heart as to who you should pray for during your prayer time.  If you sense the Lord placing someone on your heart during the day, stop and take a few minutes to pray for that person then and there.  Don’t just tell them that you will be praying for them, but actually pray for them!

Friday- “Praying Without Ceasing”

Use everyday occurrences as opportunities for prayer.  As you encounter people during your daily routine, say a prayer for them and their family.  Pray for your children even when they don’t know you are praying for them.  Maybe when they are asleep, or just hanging around the house.  Send up quick prayers all throughout the day.  Don’t forget that we have the privilege and the responsibility to pray for people!

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